Thursday, June 15, 2006

[Ad] So where the bloody hell are you???

Haha. You must love the recent Australia Tourism Ad Campaign. It has beer, bikini girls and a country that welcomes you with vulgarities. Oooh that bikini girl is shoo cute...

The actual TVC:

The spoof, version 01:

The spoof, version 02:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

[Ranting] It's getting busier

Oooh what a long hiatus this is. And yes! I've graduated! With a Bachelor in Business Administration(double specialisation in Marketing and Finance), i decided to frame it up in my house and embark on a somewhat different path: going into design business with a young, brilliant friend, Mel, who, amazingly, shares the same vision i have for doing design business.

To be honest, i am excited. Very excited. Not just because i am doing my own business. Not just because i'm doing what i always wanted. It's because i actually found someone who shares the same vision! All the often, peeps i talked to are either very "design-designers" or "business-businessmen", something that are nice to have but not exactly fitting the "mold" i envisioned. A passion for design and a knack for business development in peeps are somethings that i look for in this vision of mine. And hey, through serendipity, i met Mel. Not wanting to sound corny, i thank God for this act of providence.

Recently, we just completed a project with OCBC, designing their employees recognition programs and also the launch design on the day. It was our first mutual project and i felt we worked very well, with our complementary strengths. We were satisfied with the end result and our clients were happy with our work. That made our day. Our first (big) project with a reputable client!

We are sure more of such projects will come our way and we can work even better together. And yes, it's getting busier. =)

Friday, April 28, 2006

[Ranting] Busy Busy Busy

Currently juggling with exams, freelances, voting rallies (haha! Finally! I get to vote!) and misc stuff. Hence i ain't got time to update my blog, my DA, visit other friends blogs (so sorry) and forums. Will do so when i am more free after next week.

One thing i am estatic is that our design for the Food From The Heart brochure (see below post) is well-liked by our lecturer and he is handpicking it for the actual pitch, inviting us to come with him later in May. Haha, i was quietly shouting with joy when he said it was really impressive and it's the best of the lot. God i love compliements. XD. But nonetheless, i thoroughly enjoyed the process and now i reap the reward. Sweet.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[Recent Works] Brochure for Food from The Heart

Recently,i was involved in a Public Relations exercise with Food From The Heart, a non-profit organisation that aims to help alleviate the needy families in Singapore from hunger and starvation. They have been actively involved in collecting bread and other food items from bakeries, supermarkets and corporations to distribute to the less fortunate and the starving needy. This helps to reduce both wastage of food and the situation of hunger. More information can be found at their website:

My team's brief is to help them redesign their brochure, which was designed and printed straight from Powerpoint, and make it more attractive+ relevant.
Primary Target: Corporations/Businesses
Secondary Target: Men/women on the street
Objectives: Awareness, donations (either food items or monetary)

Initially our team came up with 30+ ideas, which we cut down to 2 after much deliberation.

First was to show a bird's eye scene where 2 groups of school children sit at canteen benches. One group are happily wasting food, throwing food at each other, on the table. The other group are quietly eating their miserable portions of biscuits (those cheap cheap ones)

Second was to show a family scene, where the setting is a run-down, squeezy flat coupled with low, gloomy lighting. Within sits a family, kids + mum (no dad) staring at their empty plates with a face of helpless-ness.
The slogan for this would be: Dinner time. It's the moment that they dread most.

In the end, we chose the second idea as the first entails wasting food which was somewhat against Food From The Heart's basic motto. So we make all the arrangement to create the scene for a photoshoot. We managed to source a place via a teammates' relative and engaged in shots after shots as we keep improvising the idea on the ground, changing position, lighting, expressions here and there. Total: 312 shots taken and 4 hours gone.

Once the photos are up in digital format, i started coming out with the design. The brochure is designed as a horizontal 3-fold. The cover would be completely black with strong yellow words: "Dinner Time". The inside cover would be the photo of the scene, coupled with the tag: "It's the moment they dread most". The internal of the brochure would be the about "who they are, how they can help..." Design has to be simple and not flashy, attractive but not arty-farty. So i used something that is "local magazine style" which eases reading through adequate use of colors to rest the eyes. The punchline would be a small takeaway card where readers can detach and keep in their wallets or purses. It contains the vital information of brochure itself. Lastly, the back shows the list of beneficiaries and of course, the contact details of Food From The Heart.

Believe or not. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of designing, copywriting and rushing down to digital printers to meticulously adjust the double-sided printings. It was all sweat but i was really satisfied at how well everything went and how it turned out. Our presentation was great and i am damn sure we scored with the Food From The Heart peeps. Sense of accomplishment and achievement filled me and me teammates.

I just felt like saying this. Larry, Fiona, Natasha, Priscilla, it was really great working with you guys! I thank you all. Hope we could work together again!

This was the initial mockup of the covers i did once the photos are digitalized.
We chose the 2nd photo. (orangy sepia tint)

This is a visual representation of the brochure and how to "use" it

This is merely the actual dimensions of the brochure and the card.

Monday, April 03, 2006

[Ad] Soesman Language Training – Music For the Family

Hah! Once again, learn english for God's sake!

(warning: This ad contains MATURE audio content)

(Please switch off background music before playing the video)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

[Ad] Berlitz Language Academy - Sinking

Moments when you really hate broken-english. Haha!

(Please switch off background music before playing the video)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

[Ad] Nike – Secret Tournament (Full)

Once more. Probably one of the best sports ad series. Ever.

(Please switch off background music before playing the video)

[Ad] Nike – Secret Tournament (Full) 02

Probably one of the best sports ad series. Ever.

(Please switch off background music before playing the video)